Ultrasound and Imaging

Ultrasound and Imaging

Although ultrasounds are typically associated with pregnancy, imaging technology also helps your UWH of Texas provider understand more about your gynecological health. If you are experiencing the symptoms of a gynecological issue, your healthcare professional will use imaging to assess the status of your pelvic organs, including your uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, vagina, and cervix.

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Ultrasounds During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, you will probably have at least one ultrasound. Your UWH of Texas provider will use an ultrasound to accurately assess the health of your baby and of your pregnancy. Knowing what’s going on inside your body is very important for a healthcare provider to determine the health of your baby as well as your own health. The latest in technology enables our providers to make sure your baby is progressing well and to determine whether your uterus and ovaries are functioning properly.

The imaging technology uses sound waves. There is no radiation involved, so the ultrasound is safe for your baby and for you. Since the images are captured in real time, they will show an accurate picture of your baby. Your provider can determine whether the baby’s organs and body are developing properly.

An ultrasound also helps your OB/GYN see the position of your baby and your placenta, determine whether you are carrying more than one baby, diagnose any potential issues in the baby’s development, and gauge the size and age of your developing baby, which helps in verifying your due date for giving birth. If you want to know whether you are having a boy or a girl, your provider can also determine the sex of your baby with the latest in imaging technology.

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An ultrasound will help your OB/GYN professional better understand the source of your symptoms and determine whether you may have pelvic inflammatory disease, fibroid tumors, uterus abnormalities, or any other health condition that can affect you as a woman.

The latest in high-quality imaging technology also enables your provider to screen for breast health, to determine bone density levels, and to detect any issues that may be causing you symptoms as well as for preventive screening.

Your UWH of Texas healthcare provider will use the highest quality imaging technology to make an accurate diagnosis, to treat your condition appropriately and effectively, and to give you the quality care you need at every stage in your life. Imaging procedures include:

  • Ultrasounds – sound waves that will enable your healthcare provider to see images of your female organs and tissues.
  • Mammograms – performed for routine breast screening to ensure continued health as well to better determine the cause of certain concerns that you or your physician may have about your breast health.
  • MRIs – occasionally used after a mammogram to further diagnose issues. The MRI provides your physician with a higher resolution image from multiple angles.
  • Bone density screenings – detects the amount of calcium and the strength of your bones, a particularly important aspect of your health as a woman. Bone density screenings can help detect the presence of osteoporosis and are usually recommended for women over the age of 65.
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Patient Reviews

Overall patient rating for UWH of Texas:

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Doctor spent quality time and explained options thoroughly.

Pap Smear

Dr. Barnard takes her time with her patients and answers all their questions. I'm so happy to have found someone that I trust and feel comfortable with for my doctor.

Annual Well Woman Exam

Short wait, caring professionals, clean facility Laura cared not only about completing my exam, but also about what had been going on in my life. She is interested in me, not just my “lady parts”


This was my first surgery and all the staff were very nice and made me feel comfortable and explained what to expect.

Annual Well Woman Exam

Dr Taylor is an amazing Dr. She genuinely wants to how you are doing and listen to questions and concerns!! I really appreciate her excellence!!

Annual Well Woman Exam

She is patient and kind! She makes you feel like you are heard!

Annual Well Woman Exam

I love the fact that my doctor listens and try to understand my feelings and thoughts

Annual Well Woman Exam

The staff & Dr are so helpful & knowledgeable! I’m so thankful I am very satisfied with a everything and everyone in this office


The staff and the doctor are amazing. Very professional and friendly.

Office Visit / Follow-up

Dr Ellis explains everything. Allows for questions and answers them accordingly. I have been to many ob/gyn’s in my lifetime and she is the best I’ve had. Down to earth and easy to speak to. She listens and offers solutions when there are some and when there is not she asks if the side effects are a dealbreaker or not. In my case it was not a deal breaker.

Annual Well Woman Exam

Dr Allen has always listened intently to what ever is the issue. He is kind and attentive and truly dedicated to his profession.

Annual Well Woman Exam

La Dra Ellis fue muy profesional, explicó cada paso del examen realizado, revisó mi historia y me preguntó si había seguido sus indicaciones de la vez pasada. También su calidad humana fue excepcional, me perdí por más de 20 minutos y aún así me atendió. Eso se lo agradezco mucho. Muchas gracias Dra por haberme atendido a pesar de haber llegado tarde por haberme perdido por 20 minutos. Agradezco su profesionalismo y atención y haberme indicado paso a paso el examen. [Translation: Dr Ellis was very professional, she explained each step of the exam performed, reviewed my history and asked me if I had followed her instructions from last time. His human quality was also exceptional, I was lost for more than 20 minutes and he still helped me. I appreciate that very much. Thank you very much Dr. for helping me despite having arrived late because I was lost for 20 minutes. I appreciate your professionalism and attention and for showing me the exam step by step.]

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Trish is very thorough and addresses every concern. She is a good listener and diagnostician

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I am always impressed with how friendly and efficient Dr Jacob is.

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Monthly visit is always very informative. Best doctor ever

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I am always satisfied with Dr. Taylor. She is warm, professional, informative and patiently answers any and all questions I may have.

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Excellent care and friendly staff

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Dr N is great! She always takes the time to listen to all my topics and answer them thoroughly.

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