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Robert L. Martin, MD, is a gynecologist who has established himself as a caring, compassionate, and capable physician for women’s health in the Dallas area. Dr. Martin offers patients annual physicals, Pap smears, STD testing and treatment, and birth control, as well as treatment for such conditions as endometriosis, abnormal bleeding, menopause, incontinence, fibroids, and polycystic ovary syndrome, among others. Dr. Martin is board-certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

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  • Menopause

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    Patient Reviews

    Overall patient rating for Women’s Health and Wellness: Robert Martin, M.D.:

    Annual Well Woman Exam

    Dr. Martin has been my doctor for over 20yrs. I have always respected his professionalism.

    Annual Well Woman Exam

    Dr. Martin and Tanya are just the nicest and the best at making you feel so comfortable during your appointment. I really am going to miss them.

    Annual Well Woman Exam

    Dr Martin and his office staff are always friendly and make the appointments pleasurable regardless of why you need to visit.

    Gynecological Problem Visit

    Dr. Martin was extremely kind and knowledgeable about the issues I was experiencing with my body. I have confidence in his judgment regarding my body.

    Annual Well Woman Exam

    "I have been a patient of Dr. Martin for over 10 years. Every visit he has given me excellent professional medical care. He always remind me to take good care of my health. He answers all my medical questions. He gives me respect as a woman. He gives me respect as his patient."

    Post-Partum Appointment

    "The experience of having a surgery, was absolutely excellent, got all the answers to my questions and Doctor Martin helped me feel at ease and I know my life is going to change, thanks to Doctor Martin and he's staff."

    Annual Well Woman Exam

    "very professional staff and doctor"

    Gynecological Problem Visit

    "The appointment went well. Great nurse, receptionist, and Doctor. I felt as comfortable as could be."

    Annual Well Woman Exam

    "i've been a patient of Dr Martin's for a very long time and am very satisfied with his excellent service."

    IUD Insertion / Removal

    Dr Martin is the best. He's so patient and thorough.